How to Save on Fuel Costs


Now that summer is in full swing here in the Parkville, MD area, we at Heritage Honda Parkville wanted to share a few summer driving tips.

While we all enjoy everything that summer has to offer, this season often means that we’re doing a lot of driving. Whether you own a brand new 2018 Honda model or you’ve had your beloved Honda car for years, getting the best gas mileage is important.

We’re sharing some simple fuel-saving tips to help you get the most out of your summer driving. Summer is full of fun outdoor activities like sporting events, but did you know that keeping extra things in your car contributes to your gas mileage? Items like sporting equipment add weight to your vehicle which in turn eats up gas more quickly. So if you’re not using something, take it out of your car. The same goes for your roof racks. Not only do these add weight, but they also create drag, which causes your engine to work harder, thus burning up more fuel.

Just as your roof racks create excess drag, so do open windows when traveling at high speeds. So when you’re on the highway, keep your windows and sunroof closed to make your vehicle more aerodynamic and save fuel.

You can also save fuel on a daily basis by taking fewer trips. Every time you start your car with a cold engine, it uses up more fuel as it heats up. So if you’re making multiple trips during the day, you’re burning more gas. Instead, plan to accomplish as many errands as possible in one trip.

You should also check your tire pressure about every two weeks. Your tire pressure fluctuates with the temperature and with use. Underinflated tires aren’t as efficient as properly inflated ones and use up more fuel.

If you need any Honda service and parts, like new tires for the summer, be sure to visit us today.

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