When something’s up with your Honda, in many cases, it will be obvious. In some instances, however, it’s a little more subtle. These are the signs you don’t want to ignore telling you that Honda service is on your horizon.

Buying More Gas Than Usual

One of the reasons why you like your Honda is probably due to its great gas mileage. If you neglect service, however, it won’t be so great anymore.

Disregarding your oil changes will result in thick and dirty oil flowing through the engine. This hurts the engine’s efficiency, which has a negative effect on fuel economy.

Sluggish Acceleration

With old oil, the moving parts in your engine don’t get proper lubrication, and the consequence is a reduction of horsepower. Other reasons your car could underperform include issues with your transmission, bad spark plugs, clogged filters, or a bad oxygen sensor, so it’s imperative that you bring it in for service ASAP.

Strange Sounds

Out of the ordinary sounds are rarely a good thing for a car. If you hear squealing or squeaking when applying the brakes, this is probably due to a brake pad that is too thin.

A grinding noise with stepping on the brake pedal is a lot more serious, as this may mean that the pad has worn all the way through and now the caliper and rotor are rubbing against one another.

Unpredictable Performance

If your car pulls itself to one side of the road or the other, clearly something is wrong. This could be due to underinflated tires. The culprit may also be the alignment, which can get out of whack over time.

If any of these issues seem familiar, you don’t want to wait to get maintenance for your car. Make an appointment now with the service center at Heritage Honda Parkville.

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